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Especially due to television programmes which show the medical support for companion animals, the society has been sensitised to the fact that there are specialised veterinarians who are able to support them with a proper health care according to Good Clinical Practice -in many cases analogue to human medicine. The scientific medical knowledge about exotics is continously increasing and offers a potential, which leads more and more interested fellow veterinarians to perform practical medical work in that field.

The basic idea to create a homepage, which supports a network for interested veterinarians and provides spider keepers with opportunities of a proper health care for their beloved animals, has already come into my mind during my studies of veterinary medicine. After graduation and during my voluntary work as EAZA veterinary advisor on TITAG (Terrestrial Invertebrate Taxon Adivisory Group), I had the opportunity to engage in that topic and worked on a directory of tarantula vets. Besides the care of those directories, the purpose of this homepage is to extend the content to to include the chapters "physiology", "pathology" and "medicine". As the knowledge in this interesting and very unexplored field is continuously growing, this homepage will be uptadet regularly to support you with the current scientific knowledge.

This page is created with my best intentions and is accurate to the best of my knowledgehas. However, I can not guarantee the correctness of any content and do not accept any liability for damages arising from a usage of it. Disclaimer

And now enjoy arachnomedicine.de!

Mark Eichelmann